Through this project titled: Legacy, explore how these remarkable students have taken inspiration from their own heritage, world history and the incredible craft they have fallen in love with.


During the year 2020, Tod’s Academy collaborated with Central Saint Martins to embark on a project with the goal to protect and extend Italian craftsmanship from generation to generation, blended with the creativity of 35 young designers.

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The brief was simple, interpret iconic Tod’s pieces - including the D-Bag and the Gommino Loafer – from your unique point of view. Walter Chiapponi, Tod’s Creative Director, was clear that he wanted the students to draw on their unique styles, craft and background to reinterpret these pieces.

The final Legacy specifically explores the designs of 35 emerging designers chosen by Central Saint Martins and focuses on the creative process and craft that led to their final proposal. During the course, the students were joined by 26 fashion industry professionals leading to the students being paired with a designated mentor to bring a real world point of view to their work.

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This is a beautiful project that supports the students and at the same time brings forth Tod’s unique and innovative point of view. Thanks to all the mentors that have helped us and thanks to Central Saint Martins and to Fabio Piras for their precious contribution.


Our Mission

Tod’s Academy launched as a laboratory of ideas and an incubator for innovative projects, providing opportunities to up and coming talents. It’s the ultimate expression of Made in Italy seen through the excellence of its artisans, who for generations, have successfully managed to blend heritage with an ever-growing, modern and personal point of view.